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27-12-2016 4

by Willeke in Theory

4 motivation tips!

Motivation is a tricky business. One minute you're determined to e...

26-12-2017 1

by Willeke in Nutrition

Back on track tips!

I get asked a lot, "how do you get back on track after a "fun" weekend...

28-11-2015 4

by Marlies Grippeling in Theory

The ideal diet

Dieting We're all doing it and businesses are keen to jump on the...

28-11-2015 1

by Marlies Grippeling in Theory

Exercising and losing weight

Who would not want a nice fit body? Especially around the summer we all want to look our...

01-08-2017 2

by Willeke in Theory

Tips to start a healthy lifestyle

How do you define "being fit" or "being in shape", and what would you advise others stru...

07-12-2017 3

by Marlies Grippeling in Nutrition

Good (eating) plan

You can’t avoid it. And why would you; The holiday season is arr...

02-01-2018 1

by Marlies Grippeling in Theory

New year resolutions

First of all, I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and s...

15-05-2018 4

by Willeke in Theory

How do I get rid of my tummy fat?

Train your legs Probably you already noticed that there are a lot of ...

24-01-2016 1

by Willeke in Theory

Where to focus on when loosing weight

Don’t only focus on your weight! What is important when you...

25-09-2016 1

by Willeke in Theory

Even if you eat healthy you can eat too much.

What are we eating? Although it takes some effort, keeping track of w...

31-01-2016 1

by Willeke in Theory

One of the biggest reasons people don’t start a workout program.

I’ve learned something interesting over the years when it comes ...

29-01-2017 4

by Willeke in Nutrition

Bananas are healthy

There is a lot of confusion whether bananas are healthy or not. It is thought that banan...

19-03-2017 3

by Willeke in Theory

There is no perfect weight and there is no perfect dress size

We know how it feels to be fit and energetic - and how it feels not be.Being fit and ene...

23-10-2017 2

by Willeke in Theory

The secret to be fit very quick

Everyone wants to know the secret to quickly achieve your fit and heal...

28-02-2016 0

by Carolina van Dorenmalen in Nutrition


Do you start with a healthy breakfast every day, but you don’t succeed to loose th...

07-11-2016 0

by Moniek Kuipers in Theory

HIIT whenever, wherever!

Once you are accustomed to doing workouts regularly, it is very disapp...

19-06-2016 1

by Willeke in Theory

HIIT to Summer

In two days it's official summer, everybody is getting eager for some sun and bikin...

09-04-2017 1

by Marlies Grippeling in Nutrition

Coffee anyone?

Coffee What could be better in the morning than waking up to the smell ...

18-07-2017 1

by Marlies Grippeling in Theory

Holiday diet tips!

Eating healthy during your holiday is much easier than you think. - O...

05-07-2018 0

by Willeke in Theory

Keeping your figure during your holiday is really possible.

If you have booked a super fun summer holiday but you're worried ...

04-06-2018 0

by Willeke in Theory

Jump roping

There's a reason elite athletes like boxers include jump roping a...

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