HIIT to Summer


19-06-2016 -
In two days it's official summer, everybody is getting eager for some sun and bikinis burn off the shelf. Time to take action!


Healthy lifestyle

We actually don’t support crash dieting to get ready for summer, but we recommend pursuing a healthy sustainable lifestyle. But if you want to feel comfortable in you bikini on the beach this summer it is not too late yet.


HIIT Workouts and healthy food

Start with the Workoutclub HIIT training or some other way of training and stick to your healthy eating regime. Eat regularly throughout the day, skip sugar. Eat lots of protein-rich meals so you're saturated for a long time and proteins also support your muscle recovery. Limit alcohol to 1x per week. But...... forget about this 1x a week and enjoy the food you like best.


Tips to get you started and help you achieve your personal goals

It's never too late to start. Just start! You can always improve yourself compared to yesterday.

The desire to become stronger already gives power. Anything is possible as long as you just decide you can!

You're not too old, it's not too late and it’s not impossible. You always can start and you can do it!

Taking the decision is the first step.

Believe in yourself, start and keep going.


Focus on the positive side of the process. So how do you feel after a HIIT workout and a healthy meal, how good do you feel and how much energy do you get. You will be a healthy happy person if you think this way. It might very well be that the result is that you feel great with your current body.

We all have our own goal to work towards!

Let's do this and HIIT to Summer!

You can find here your favorite HIIT program

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