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07-12-2017 -

You can’t avoid it. And why would you; The holiday season is arriving! Shops are filled with treats: chocolates, marzipan, pastry and gingerbread. Irresistible to a lot of people.

To help you withstand these temptations we have a few tips. Saves you the guilty feeling and a lot of stress connected with the intention to lose weight in January (studies show that approximately one third of the population wants to start exercising and lose weight, especially in the beginning of a new year!).

- Plan ahead what you want to eat and stick to your intention.

- If you really enjoy chocolates, cakes or a donut that’s fine. Make a deliberately choice and enjoy what you eat. Enjoy it.

- You can also enjoy one donut or one piece of chocolate. Eating more doesn’t make it more delicious.

- Do not skip a meal, this will lead to more snacking throughout the day.

- Make sure you have healthy snacks available that look appetizing. It makes it much easier to resist the donuts and French cheeses. For example:

o cucumber, carrot, bell peppers or tomatoes (with a tasty yogurt dip)

o fruit skewers

o stuffed eggs with avocado dip

o some olives

o a hand full of nuts (no bowls full because of the many calories)

o cucumber with a slice of salmon

- If you are eating at a restaurant choose a starter or a dessert.

- Opt for grilled meat / fish. This contains less fat than fried or baked meat / fish.

- Red sauces are lower in calories than white sauces.

- Clear soup (broth based) provides fewer calories than cream soup that usually contains cream.

- Alcohol provides many extra calories; choose wisely.

- Exercise extra to compensate, do not skip your workout, take a nice long walk or go cycling.

- If the holiday season is over make sure you keep no left-overs in house, give leftovers to your family or your neighbors. This will prevent you from being tempted to eat the left-overs the next day.


And please remember that the holiday season in December only consist of four days and not 31.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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