Where to focus on when loosing weight


24-01-2016 -

Don’t only focus on your weight!

What is important when you're working on getting fit, slim and sleek is to keep the improvements in mind. So don’t focus only on an ultimate goal of reaching a certain weight or reducing three clothing sizes, but focus on the improvements to your body.

 Fit and healthy

Is the contour of your body improving, do your clothes fit better, do you feel more energetic and is your skin getting better because of all that healthy eating? Exercising and a healthy diet offer much more benefits than just size 36. Being fit and healthy in builds confidence and that will show. That is what makes you attractive even with a size 40. The scale does not tell you the whole story. Pictures before and after will!

As long as you notice the improvement to yourself, you are on the right path and all your efforts will be rewarded!

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Since my teenage years I was fascinated by my fitness and physique. This resulted in a lot of hours training and
trying many different ways to achieve my intended results.
By nature I am an adventurous sporty type. Also during my travels there should always be an adventurous and sporty
element in it. Also, I always find a gym abroad to experience how Personal Trainers are working there.
Through these experiences I became eager to turn my hobby into my profession.

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