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01-08-2017 - How do you define "being fit" or "being in shape", and what would you advise others struggling with making a START working on that?

I would define "being fit" or "being in shape” as being happy with your body, moving without pain and feeling that you are strong. This is what I would say to others who are struggling to start:


1. It is never "too late" to start ... You just have to START. Age does not specify whether you can start.

2. You can always be better than yesterday. It does not matter at which level you start you can always work to do better than yesterday.

3. Small changes and small steps forward will ultimately result in big changes.

4. Working on getting "thinner" is discouraging, but working to get stronger gives you true power.

5. Anything is possible as long as you decide that you can do it. Every great change and achievement begins with making a "decision".

6. You're not too old, it's not too late, it’s not impossible. It can be done and you can do it for sure.

7. Everything of which you think that it is impossible, has already been done by someone else. You can do it also. Just do it!

8. It can be difficult, it can take more time, but if you just keep going you will reach your goal.


Decide to begin. Push on. Every day a step in the right direction and just keep going!


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Since my teenage years I was fascinated by my fitness and physique. This resulted in a lot of hours training and
trying many different ways to achieve my intended results.
By nature I am an adventurous sporty type. Also during my travels there should always be an adventurous and sporty
element in it. Also, I always find a gym abroad to experience how Personal Trainers are working there.
Through these experiences I became eager to turn my hobby into my profession.

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