Holiday diet tips!


18-07-2017 -

Eating healthy during your holiday is much easier than you think.

- Order additional vegetables instead of the fries you often get served. Delicious and healthy!

- Choose alcohol at lunch or dinner and not at both moments

- Opt for sorbet ice instead of ice cream

- Take an anti-pasta instead of the pasta

- A glass of Rose has 85 calories, a glass of Beer 120 kcal


You can do the Workoutclub HIIT workouts everywhere you want with the App and finding 12 minutes to train during your holiday should be no problem. Did you know that on average you burn 200 kcal during a workout and you continue to burn calories because of the intensity of the workouts. This helps you to stay in balance while enjoying the good things of life during your holiday.

Choose here your Workout program!


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