Keeping your figure during your holiday is really possible.


05-07-2018 -

If you have booked a super fun summer holiday but you're worried that you'll gain weight during your holiday, we have a few smart tips that will keep the damage under control.


Start with a good breakfast

If you have booked a Hotel/Resort you often have a buffet breakfast with anything and everything available. Leave the fatty products such as pancakes with cream, sweet cakes, buns and white bread and choose the low-fat products if these are available. Such as whole wheat bread, boiled eggs, cold cuts, yogurt and fruit.


Sensible lunch and dinner

If you go for lunch or dining in the evening go for salads, grilled meats (such as chicken, turkey, fish) and ask for the dressing or sauces served on the side. Of course, drink plenty of water during the day. Reduce the wine to 1x per day, either at lunch or dinner. Skip the bread appetizer and dessert but above all enjoy your night out!


Built a stash

It is very useful if you're at a local grocery store to built a stash of 'healthy’ products such as unroasted nuts, some carrots, radishes, bottles of water, etc. Delicious and healthy in between snacks. So you can keep to your eating 6x a day. Even on your holiday you need to eat between the three main meals so your blood sugar stays steady and you prevent the unhealthy snack attacks.



Even if you have no gym available you can still train in multiple ways on your holiday. Think of long beach walks, start your day with an interval run and remember all sports apps available for your mobile device including of course the very short and effective HIIT workouts of the Workoutclub app.


You see it is not that difficult to keep your figure on holiday!

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Through these experiences I became eager to turn my hobby into my profession.

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