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07-11-2016 -

Once you are accustomed to doing workouts regularly, it is very disappointing when your plan to workout is blocked by external factors. I, for example, find it hugely annoying when a work event is planned on my regular training night or if I am anywhere abroad without Wi-Fi. I have three tips for you to still be able to do your HIIT workout!


Sport before the start of the day

If you have done your workout before breakfast, nothing can ruin your training schedule anymore. However your day will turn out, you've already been active. I know, getting up even earlier for a workout sounds terrible. But because the HIIT workouts of the Workoutclub app only last 12 minutes and are high intensity, you only have to get up fifteen minutes earlier than usual. Believe me, for the rest of the day you will burst with energy!


Take your phone with you. And your jumping rope!

There are few places in the world without a solid Wi-Fi or 4G connection that will allow you to open the Workoutclub app. But still there are some! That's why I always take a jumping rope with me on a journey. It is a lot lighter than my running shoes and in a city where you are not familiar probably safer. Even better is to have in place an exercise schedule, see following tip.


Keep an offline exercise guide

In case I forget my phone, the battery is dead or if I'm somewhere without Internet I keep an offline exercise guide. Listing my most and least favourite exercises. If I have a craving for a good old workout I combine a few of these exercises to a 12-minute HIIT workout. Why do I combine most and least favourite workouts? To keep myself sharp and just better be in the one’s I hate. Burpees for instance!

Choose your favorite  HIIT workout here and train whenever and wherever!

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Moniek Kuipers
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I prefer to do everything. Work hard, dinners and drinks with friends and explore the world. I quickly learned that you can only live at full speed if you're physically fit. Since I started training several times a week and I started being even more aware of what eat, I have to contend with less flus, fatigue and lack of energy.

My ideal trip is a hike into nature. Even during my holidays I like to be active. Last year I did a hike of a week through the mountains of Tasmania. Nickname I received soon was, 'the mountain smasher’ because I almost ran up mountains. With 20 kilos on my back. How cool is that? I've never been so fit since my childhood.

I approach sports quite straight forward. I also prefer to lie on the couch after a busy day of working. But without doing any sports I don’t feel comfortable. You learn to love it so to say!

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