Sensible food choices during your holiday


25-06-2018 -

Nobody will deny that it is a challenge not to gain weight during your holiday. Although we are a big supporter of really enjoying your holiday and not to be too concerned with your weight we would still like to give you some tips.



Always eat some proteins like cottage cheese with fruit and/or cereal or an egg dish with rice or whole-wheat crackers.

When you use a breakfast buffet, you can take a boiled egg that you eat later in the day as a snack. Eat enough during your breakfast so you can eat lighter during the day.



Keep it light in the form of a salad or some grilled fish with vegetables. You probably drink more alcohol during your holiday. Limit your carbs to breakfast and for the rest of the day just eat proteins and vegetables. This way you keep the additional carbs of the alcohol in balance. Are you someone who drinks almost every day on holiday? Then at least choose for one moment rather than at lunch and dinner.



It’s quite convenient to carry empty Tupperware containers on vacation. You can fill these daily with mini tomatoes, carrots, radish and boiled eggs. Perfect snacks! Fruit is also perfect and add some unroasted nuts with that to allow for some extra proteins and to keep you satisfied longer. You can easily carry these snacks in your beach bag.



Try not to dine with starter, main course and dessert every day. When you do this you can be certain that you will gain weight during your holiday. You will than eat considerably more than you would normally do at home.

Try to limit these dinners to twice a holiday and choose only a tasty main course and if you really want a dessert than skip the carbs during your main course. This way you keep it all in balance.


You can also make the decision to let go of it all on your holiday and accept some extra weight when you get home. Together we can than work on quickly loosing the additional weight with the HIIT workouts of the Workout Club!


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