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Getting fit and healthy doesn't have to be complicated.  High intensity interval training using your own bodyweight is a perfect way to stimulate fat burn, boost your fitness level and build muscle mass.

Not convinced? I have 13 reasons why HIIT is so good!
1. Super efficient.

Short (12 minutes) super-intensive workouts with little rest in between.

2. Combined cardio and weight training.

A workout consists of both weight and cardio exercises, so you kill two birds with one stone.

3. Rapid fat burn.

The cardio exercises raise your heart rate, ensuring rapid fat burn that continues for hours after the training.

4. Something for everyone.

The exercises are easy to adapt to make them challenging for any fitness level.

5. Better core strength.

Your 'core' is more than just your abs – there are at least twenty-nine muscles that make up the human 'core'. HIIT exercises engage all those muscles, resulting in improved 'core' strength and a better posture.

6. Good flexibility.

Your joints and your posture also benefit from the varied HIIT exercises. Strength and flexibility go hand in hand.

7. Convenience.

Who doesn't have 12 minutes to spare to do an HIIT workout a few times a week? You don't need any equipment so you can do it wherever and whenever you like. Not having the time is no longer an excuse.

8. Better balance.

Improved balance and body control as a result of the workouts using your own bodyweight.

9. Bye bye, boredom.

The number of exercises is virtually limitless. If you want to, you can do different exercises every workout. That prevents it from becoming a grind and helps your motivation.

10. Wherever and whenever you want.

Because you don't need any equipment apart from yourself, you can do the workouts anywhere – indoors or outdoors, alone or with a group of friends.

11. Low cost.

No expensive gym subscription required. Do it at home our outdoors. There are lovely training spots to be found everywhere. Gardens, woods, playgrounds, you name it.

12. Low risk of injury.

Body weight exercises are generally very safe to do for anyone, regardless of experience, age or fitness level.

13. Results.

Because the exercises often consist of composite movements, they are highly effective for improving the strength and performance of muscles throughout the body.

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Since my teenage years I was fascinated by my fitness and physique. This resulted in a lot of hours training and
trying many different ways to achieve my intended results.
By nature I am an adventurous sporty type. Also during my travels there should always be an adventurous and sporty
element in it. Also, I always find a gym abroad to experience how Personal Trainers are working there.
Through these experiences I became eager to turn my hobby into my profession.

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