Top 3 diet excuses and how to overcome them


05-03-2017 -

Do you tell yourself each week that you will start eating healthy next week and you're finally going to stick to your diet plan? Are you still each week waiting until next Monday to drag yourself to the gym? If the answer is yes, then it is very necessary to overcome the excuses. Obviously not without my help!

What got me inspired to write this article is what I experience every day when I talk to girls who really want to change their lifestyle and want a fit and healthy body. At the same time they also have a lot of reasons that prevent them from starting. Although we all know that is very important to take care of ourselves, there is a list of most common excuses we all have heard many times before. This was also the case for me not too long ago. I am convinced that I therefore could very well help to overcome these excuses.


It takes a lot of effort to change your lifestyle, and this effort takes time. It is all about setting your priorities right. If you really want that fit and healthy body you will need to stop thinking why you can’t do it. There are many ways to get fit in an efficient way, for instance with the help of a good breakfast, some meal prepping and the very efficient HIIT workouts of the Workoutclub.


Often people say they don’t like vegetables, oatmeal, cottage cheese or other healthy food. The truth is healthy eating can certainly taste good, and you can use all kind of products to pimp your own healthy meal. If you don’t like healthy food, it's probably because you do not prepare it properly. It's time to find out what you really don’t like about it. Is it the texture of cottage cheese? Mix it into a smoothie. Is it the taste of oatmeal? Pimp it with cocoa powder, cinnamon, fruit or honey. Do you think vegetables are boring? Add some herbs and spices such as pepper, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and spring onion. Try adding food that you do not like, to food that you find really tasty. Do not let the fear of unfamiliar foods prevent you from getting in your best shape ever!


Are you indefinitely waiting for the next Monday? New week, new opportunities, new motivation? Are your holiday and weekend plans always an excuse to put your healthy lifestyle plan aside? Now stop this right away. There is no perfect time to start, so start NOW! I hope that by reading my article you will realize that all these excuses don’t help you obtaining your goals. If you really want to have a healthier body, then today is the day to realize that you can change and say goodbye to your diet excuses forever!

Make sure that from now on not one day goes by where you do not challenge yourself to become a happier and healthy person. Take action and regain control of your life!

Love, Carolina

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