Paleo Meat Egg Burger


15-03-2017 -


• Hamburger

• 3 eggs

• Spinach

• Large tomatoes

• Pepper

• Salt



Beat the eggs with the salt and pepper. Cut the tomato in not too thick slices and take a hand full of raw spinach. Preheat your baking plate or a frying pan, grease the cooking ring with coconut oil else your eggs will not come out very easy. Pour a layer of beaten egg into the ring and prepare like a normal fried egg. Remove the ring and turn the egg and wait until it is golden brown. Fry the hamburger in another pan. Ready ...... you can start to stack!!



* You can also prepare an avocado salsa. 1/2 avocado, garlic clove, 1-teaspoon mayonnaise (bio), lemon juice and mash it all together.

* Adding fried onion rings is always a good idea.

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