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20-02-2018 -

You probably are familiar with this: you run, spin and squat like a madman every week but the scale doesn’t move an ounce. How is that possible?!? I frequently get this desperate question, so time to blog on this topic again.


Actually the answer to the question is very simple and logical. Sports with no change to your diet will not result in weight loss. If only it were that 'easy'. But the good news is also simple: burn more energy by training than you take in through your food and you will lose weight.

To be able to do this you first need to know how much energy (calories), your body actually needs per day. For this you can use the formula of Harris and Benedict. This formula indicates your basal metabolic rate. That is the amount of energy your body needs to breathe, to build cells, to maintain body temperature and let your heart beat in rest. Simply: the minimal amount of energy you need to stay alive.

On the internet you will find numerous sites where you can enter your data and it is calculated for you. For example: http://www.runinfo.nl/caloriebehoefte-harris-benedict.htm) or http://derekenmachine.nl/caloriebehoefte-berekenen-harris-benedict-formule/)

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) can then be multiplied by the extent to which you are active. This is also calculated in the above-mentioned sites. Now you know how many calories your body uses per day (with your body, age and activity level. If you want to lose weight you should ensure that you burn more energy (calories) by being active than you take in.

To determine your energy intake it's a good idea to keep a food diary. This will help you to get a good understanding of your calorie-intake. There are several sites and apps to help you keep track of what you eat and calculate the number of calories. (www.mycaloriecoach.com, www.myfitnesspal.com)

Now you can compare intake and consumption of calories and determine what you should change in your diet and activity level to start losing weight. If you want to lose weight try to do so responsibly so set your calorie intake about 500 kcal lower than what you burn in a day. To take in less energy, you can opt for less and / or healthier snacks, opt for sugar-free drinks and eat plenty of whole grains and vegetables. Also reduce your portion size.

By exercising you will lose fat and build more muscle. So if you do not lose weight immediately, you will still lose fat. Moreover, more muscles burn more energy (calories) supporting your weight loss.

One more thing: be patient and keep going. As long as you burn more energy than you consume you will really lose weight. Success!



There is a lot of confusion around healthy eating. New superfood hypes and diets make us forget what it is actually all about: the balance between energy intake and energy consumption.

In our ebook complete guide to fit we give you a clear theoretical explanation about food. This will help you to change your diet so it is suits your body’s needs. We help you on your way to calculate your calorie needs and to select the right food products from the diet list. You will experience that your sport performance quickly improves!

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