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Deze week: de goblet squat pulse. Ingewikkeld? Valt mee. Maak het jezelf makkelijk met de instructievideo's in onze app: link in bio. #fithiit
Snacken mag best. Recept van de week: boekweitpannenkoek met banaan. Houdt je bloedsuikerspiegel lekker laag! #boekweit #gezondesnack #receptvandedag #fithiit
Voedingstip van de week: noten! Geef je dag een kickstart met #amandelen, #walnoten, #cashews of... Welke vind jij eigenlijk het lekkerst?
In die tijd had je thuis al je workout kunnen doen! #fithiit
Heerlijk kleurrijk én gezond recept, helemaal in het seizoen. Vind de bereiding op workoutclub.eu/nl/blog #fithiit
Exercise of the week: the dumbbell drag. We've put in an extra tip if this one is too challenging with weights. For the complete series download the Workoutclub app: link in bio. #fithiit
Exercising outside or in the gym both have their pros and cons, but on a day like today, outside is the place to be. Charlie Whiteley down by the river in #Battersea Park with a #HIIT squat circuit on the #TRX that will put your legs on fire and send your heart rate soaring! Pulses Squats Squat jumps Interested in Personal Training at FitHiit? Drop us an email or book a session and get fit in bitesize chunks #FitHiit #bitesizeexercise #exercise #personaltraining #healthyliving #londonfitness www.fithiit.co.uk info@fithiit.co.uk
Having a protein rich breakfast keeps you going all day. You'll want to eat less but still keep your energy! Check out this omelet with avocado recipe. #fithiit
Hey ladies, what's up? The Workoutclub app is guaranteed to make you feel good: link in bio. #fithiit
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