When you set a fitness goal, you learn about how to overcome obstacles


16-01-2017 -

Fitness is not only about our appearance, it is also and much more important about how we feel.

Positive effects of fitness

What I’ve noticed as a personal trainer is the positive effect fitness has on people. I’ve seen that the overall outlook on life of my clients becomes more optimistic with each workout. Setting a fitness goal is a journey of self-discovery not just a physical transformation. It doesn’t matter if you’re working toward doing your first push-up or training for a marathon. When you set a fitness goal, you learn about how to overcome obstacles. It helps you to become a better you.


Set a goal

Start small and then build slow and strong. Having a fitness mindset is about setting a goal and not stopping until you get there. What’s also incredible is watching how working towards a fitness goal helps promote life goals. I see how a fitness mindset empowers relationships. I see how it helps people aspire to be better at work or school. Most incredibly I see how workouts help work through those darker times. The ones we all sometimes face. The breakups. The struggles. The things we want so much and which for whatever reason, don’t go the way we planned. In both workouts and in life we have bad days. But having a fitness mindset is about having control over our minds and our bodies. It means knowing that just because we had a bad experience, it doesn’t mean we’re a bad person and learning that success isn’t built on success. These obstacles are just another challenge for us to overcome.


Everyday we step out of bed we are one step and one day closer to reaching our goal.

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Since my teenage years I was fascinated by my fitness and physique. This resulted in a lot of hours training and
trying many different ways to achieve my intended results.
By nature I am an adventurous sporty type. Also during my travels there should always be an adventurous and sporty
element in it. Also, I always find a gym abroad to experience how Personal Trainers are working there.
Through these experiences I became eager to turn my hobby into my profession.

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