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07-05-2017 1

by Willeke in Theory

What is the deal with muscle pain?

Everybody knows: you have trained hard and after a day you'll be ...

13-03-2016 1

by Moniek Kuipers in Theory

Rest is also working hard

How do you get the most out of your high intensive interval training s...

05-03-2017 1

by Willeke in Theory

Top 3 diet excuses and how to overcome them

Do you tell yourself each week that you will start eating healthy next...

07-11-2016 0

by Moniek Kuipers in Theory

HIIT whenever, wherever!

Once you are accustomed to doing workouts regularly, it is very disapp...

07-08-2016 1

by Willeke in Theory

Why HIIT works so good

Efficient: Super-efficient HIIT is the ideal workout for a busy sched...

09-04-2017 1

by Marlies Grippeling in Nutrition

Coffee anyone?

Coffee What could be better in the morning than waking up to the smell ...

21-07-2018 0

by Willeke in Theory

7 weeks ‘till summer!

Important to keep in mind if you do Workout Club HIIT workouts on the ...

06-08-2017 0

by Willeke in Theory

The fat burning effect of HIIT

Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) A HIIT workout makes your metab...

26-06-2016 1

by Petra van den Driessche in Nutrition

Braised chicken thighs with Moroccan spices

Ingredients for 4 persons: 500 grams of chicken thighs 1 small caulifl...

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