Summer shrimp dish with coconut milk, tomatoes and paksoy.


15-05-2016 -

A delicious and healthy recipe to support your Workoutclub HIIT workouts


1 kg jumbo shrimp.

1 pack paksoy.

2 spring onions.

4 cloves of garlic.

1/2 lime.

1 red pepper.

1 bunch coriander.

1 can of coconut milk. (bio)

2 cans diced tomatoes. (bio)

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper flakes.

Pinch of salt.

1 tbsp olive oil.



Cut the spring onions, red pepper and garlic. Cut the paksoy and coriander in some larger strips. Place pan with the olive oil over low heat and fry the red pepper until soft. Add the spring onion, the paksoy, coriander, garlic and cayenne pepper flakes, and let it cook for 1 min.

Now add the tomatoes, coconut milk and a pinch of salt to it, cover the pan and let all the ingredients cook on low heat for 10 min to make the sauce thicken. Finally, add the shrimps and cook for 5 minutes until tender. As last add the limejuice and a little fresh coriander.

Serve with brown basmati rice or quinoa.

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