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The days are getting shorter. Outside it is getting cold, gray and wet. For many people a reason to start using supplements (vitamins and minerals) to support the immune system. One of the minerals used as a supplement is magnesium. A supplement widely used amongst athletes. Why do you need magnesium and which foods are a source for magnesium?


You need magnesium for the energy metabolism in your body, the transmission of nerve impulses. But it also supports the proper operation (contraction and extension and building) of your muscles. It also gives strength to the skeleton and helps in building body protein. So it is an extremely important mineral.


Magnesium can be found in many foods. Cocoa and dark chocolate, shellfish, shrimps, soybeans are very rich in magnesium, they contain over 100 mg of magnesium per 100 grams. Also, green vegetables such as spinach contain a lot of magnesium: 200 grams contains 154 mg. Unhusked grains and nuts are also a good source for magnesium. And strange enough, drinking water can make a significant contribution to the intake of magnesium.


Now of course the question is how much magnesium do you need, what is the recommended daily amount? For men it is between 300-350 mg and for women between 250-350 mg.


The probability of a magnesium deficiency is very small as it appears in almost all foods. Please note that people who use gastric acid inhibitors such as Omeprazole for a long period of time can develop a magnesium deficiency. In case of a prolonged deficiency, symptoms such as irritation of the nerves in the muscles, heart arrhythmias, muscle cramps, stomach cramps and fatigue can occur.


If you still use supplementation please be aware not exceed 250 mg per day. As always and also in this case eat as varied and healthy as possible and you will not need any supplementation. You will get through the wintertime in a healthy state. If you are still in doubt, just consult a dietician. They can tell you very easily if you need some extra support using supplements.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Winter!

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