Healthy snacks!


23-10-2016 -

These snacks will help you through your daily dips. They are tasty, healthy and give you more energy than snacks with lots of carbs!

1. Huttifrutti

Fill half a cup with cottage cheese and add your favourite fruit wit. My advice: mixed berries, banana or melon.


2. Mixed (unroasted) nuts.

Try a variant with dried fruit - delicious for sweet needs. Best Protein? Almonds and pistachios.


3. Hard Boiled Egg

Costs almost nothing, is packed with protein and delivers a nice full stomach feeling. Always good to have  a few cooked and peeled in your fridge.


4. Willeke's favourites

Apple slices wrapped in a slice of chicken breast. Surprisingly fresh tasting and always good to eat at your work around 16:00.


5. Peanut Butter Boat

Cut a celery stalk into pieces of 10 cm, grease the groove with a little peanut butter and stick a few almonds. Delicious.


6. Viva Mexico

Craving for something savoury? Heat black beans and put them in a bowl. Add a little Mexican salsa, small pieces of tomato and a few pieces of avocado. Fill heated small whole wheat tortilla with this mixture - delicious

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