Exercise at high temperatures


16-04-2018 -

Heat exhaustion

If you decide to exercise at high temperatures and in direct sunlight, you should be aware that your performance reduces and the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke increases.


Moreover, you sweat much more at high temperatures, causing you to lose moisture faster. Inadequate fluid intake leads inevitably to declining performance due to dehydration.


Tips for these hot days

• Wear proper clothing: thin, airy and bright colours.

• Hat and sunglasses are recommended and remember you have to use a proper sun factor before going outside.

• If you run, do so under the trees where it's cool. Asphalt radiates warmth.

• Adjust your pace and the duration, especially if you are less trained

• Try to avoid the heat by exercising in the morning or evening.

• Give your body time to adjust to exercising in warm conditions.

• Use short but intensive workouts such as the Workoutclub HIIT workouts so that you spend less time training in the heat.


Most important! Listen to your body! Stop when you don’t feel well!


Drink regularly

If you do not drink enough during exercising on a hot day, the first signals are cramps in the muscles that you use most. Your calves while running, for example. Also, your coordination deteriorates which can result in injuries.

Make sure you drink enough before, during and after exercising. Drink before you feel thirsty, otherwise might already be too late.

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