Be Friends with Your Food


24-05-2018 -

There are almost as many different diets as there are people.

Don’t get carried away worrying about what is trending and what someone else does. Listen to your body and your needs and be realistic to yourself and what fits best with your life. You have to decide yourself what is best for you personally. What works for someone else may not work for you and that’s ok!

Counting calories

For me counting calories during the weekdays with myfitnesspal app works very well. It is a great tool that supports you to eat within a set amount of calories. I want to keep my body like it is and how I am happy with it. In the weekends I don’t count calories and indulge when I am in the mood for it. When I indulge Friday night and Saturday I keep my calories a bit lower on Sunday to keep it in balance. For me this is a perfect way but that doesn’t mean that this is ‘the best way’ for everyone. I suggest that you try it and see if fits you and your lifestyle. 

I know people who don’t like counting calories they stick to eating three healthy meals a day and that can also work perfectly fine. This approach is more about being aware what you eat. For Instance eating vegetarian/vegan at least twice a week and staying away as much as possible from processed foods. I also avoid processed food.  To consume the majority of calories from colourful fruits & veggies and lean proteins isn’t a specific formula but it’s what works for a lot of my clients. I think it’s actually quite simple when you think about it. Cook your meals at home and eat whole fruits and veggies.  I personally don’t prefer to avoid carbs because we need them to give us energy.

Tips to be friends with your food.

- Keep sugary drinks, candy or cookies out of your house, you’ll probably eat them if you don’t. If someone else in your house wants to eat these items maybe it’s time they adapt healthier habits as well, everyone can benefit. 

- Don’t deprive yourself. When you eat so well so much of the time, having an occasional treat is ok and actually beneficial. Don’t beat yourself up over some chocolate. 

- Don’t over-do a treat and make it into a whole day or week of eating badly you’ll likely regret it and feel sluggish. 

- Don’t beat yourself up if you indulge a little too much on say your Birthday weekend or whenever. Enjoy these special occasions just don’t over-do it. Eating healthy is easy even during your holidays. I promise it will not take the joy away. 


Start with these small changes and I assure you, you will feel better and look better. Once you get started it will only get easier! 


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