Are there ‘Short Cuts’ to getting fit?


21-05-2017 -

What is the short cut to getting fit

We all want the easy answer, the quick fix, the magic pill. Yes please!
Unfortunately there isn’t a quick fix. It takes effort, discipline, pure hard work and often times; sacrifice.

I am always surprised when I see interviews or quotes from celebrities or icons that say they achieve their tight, toned and 'hot' bodies simply by ‘chasing their kids around’, or claim to be simply ‘naturally blessed’.

Yes genes do play a role but regardless of how great your genes are getting fit still takes effort. Muscle tone, cardiovascular capability and overall fitness don’t come from doing nothing and NO, skinny is not the same as FIT.

Bottom line, there really aren’t any short cuts. It’s time to stop procrastinating and finding excuses. Simple answer: Stop reading and endlessly researching just start moving your body!

Fitness is a Journey, Not a Destination and enjoy this way of life.

Make a decision to do something about your situation right now…this exact minute!
Getting started is free, but the fact is you have to start! Not sure where to start? Download the free Workoutclub app and start your first week training for free!

Just try a workout, tomorrow, try another. Little by little watch and feel your body change…
It is worth it, you are worth it.

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Since my teenage years I was fascinated by my fitness and physique. This resulted in a lot of hours training and
trying many different ways to achieve my intended results.
By nature I am an adventurous sporty type. Also during my travels there should always be an adventurous and sporty
element in it. Also, I always find a gym abroad to experience how Personal Trainers are working there.
Through these experiences I became eager to turn my hobby into my profession.

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